INCS 2023

April 13-16, 2023, Knoxville, TN

Nineteenth-Century Movement(s)

Call For Paper and Panel Proposals

Deadline: 21 October 2022

Although our recent experience has been of restricted movement due to the pandemic, we live in a time of change to the ways we move (electric vehicles, space travel), mass dislocations and migrations around the world, and movements for political change (Black Lives Matter, #MeToo) tied to new communication tools.

Abstract Submission

The nineteenth century was also marked by accelerating movement(s): of peoples, commodities, ideas, technologies, and feelings. The period was characterized by the modernization of transportation, communication, and travel. Dance, theatre, sports, and literature flourished through new forms of physical movement that moved audiences in affectively novel ways. Political, social, and aesthetic movements reshaped culture and society. We welcome proposals on nineteenth-century movement and movements of all kinds.

Your paper might address:

  • Modes of transportation
  • Travel and travel writing
  • Energy and mechanized movement (steam power, horsepower)
  • Communication and News (mail, telegraph, mass media)
  • Globalization/Migration/Dislocation
  • Colonialism/Imperialism
  • Social mobility
  • Disability and Prosthetics
  • Political Movements:
  • Abolition, Unionism, Feminism, Pan Africanism, Anti-Imperialism
  • Sports
  • Dance
  • Theatre, Drama, Melodrama
  • Aesthetic movements (Romanticism through Aestheticism)
  • Visual Art
  • Photography and the emergence of movies
  • Music
  • Emotions and Affects that move us
  • Audience and reader responses
  • Poetic form
  • Plot development
  • Fashion (restricted or liberated movement)
  • Economics and the circulation of commodities
  • Logistics/Imports/Exports
  • Agriculture
  • Industrialization, factories, and repetitive movement

INCS has a unique panel format to facilitate discussion and collaboration. Presenters pre-circulate written versions of their papers shortly before the conference and give 7-8 minute synopses during the panels, leaving ample time for dialogue and exchange.

For paper proposals, upload a 200-word abstract and a one-page CV on this google form by 21 October 2022. For panel proposals, please provide a brief overview of the panel in an e-mail message and attach all paper proposals and CVs.

For more information contact Nancy Henry at

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